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OptiStruct, RADIOSS, MotionSolve,

HyperXtrude 2017.2.3 릴리즈


  OptiStruct, RADIOSS, HyperXtrude 의 2017.2.3 릴리즈 버전이 출시되었습니다. 이번 2017.2.3 릴리즈를 통해 OptiStruct, RADIOSS, HyperXtrude 각각의 주요 기능들을 확인하시고, 업그레이드된 제품을 사용해보시기 바랍니다.

자세한 내용은 릴리즈 노트를 참조하시기 바랍니다.

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HyperWorks Solver 2017.2.3 공식 업데이트의 상세한 내용은 아래와 같습니다.

OptiStruct 2017.2.3


  옵티스트럭트는 정적, 동적, 열 부하에서의 선형, 비선형 기계적 문제를 위한 최신형 구조 해석 솔버입니다. 옵티스트럭트는 구조 설계와 최적화 솔루션으로 업계에서 크게 인정받고 있습니다. 유한요소, 멀티바디 동적 기술 그리고 향상된 분석과 최적화 알고리즘을 기반으로 옵티스트럭트는 설계자와 엔지니어들이 경량화되고 구조 효율적인 디자인을 빠르고 혁신적으로 설계할 수 있도록 도와줍니다. 옵티스트럭트는 현재 전세계 수많은 회사들이 강도, 내구성, 소음 및 진동, 열전달, 충격에 대한 구조와 기계 시스템을 분석하고 최적화하기 위해 사용하고 있습니다.


이번 옵티스트럭트 릴리즈의 중요한 하이라이트는 다음과 같습니다:


  • 비선형 정적 분석 안정화 (Stabilization in Nonlinear Static Analysis)
  • 작은 변위 비선형 해석을 위한 에너지 출력 ( Energy output for Small Displacement Nonlinear Analysis)
  • 접촉 압력 최적화 반응 (Contact pressure optimization response)
  • 개스킷 압력 최적화 반응 (Gasket Pressure optimization Response)

Stiffness, Strength and Stability
  Static stabilization can be activated in nonlinear static analysis thru NLADAPT, STABILIZ. Stabilization could help if the problem becomes unstable due to local buckling. The stabilization comes from the mass (if the density is not defined, an artificial mass is calculated based on unit density) and the velocity.


Energy output for Small Displacement Nonlinear Analysis
  Energy output is now supported for small displacement nonlinear analysis. Contact Stabilization and the static stabilization, the strain energy of the model will be output in the e.nlm file if NLOUT is defined in case control/subcase section.


DMIG with large rotations
  DMIGs can now undergo large rotations when the new DMIGROT Bulk Data Entry is utilized.

Noise and Vibrations
Enhanced PARAM,AMSE4EFM support
  PARAM,AMSE4EFM is now supported for frequency-dependent material (MATF#) and frequency-dependent bushing (PBUSHT).

Thermal Analysis
Composites (PCOMP(G)/PCOMPP) are now supported for Nonlinear Heat Transfer Analysis.

Gasket pressure optimization response


RADIOSS 2017.2.3


  라디오스 2017.2.3 릴리즈에서는 2017.2.2 릴리즈에서 발견되었던 치명적인 이슈들을 수정하였고, 일부 기능을 강화시켰습니다.

Finite Volume Airbag (/MONVOL/FVMBAG1)

  • New automatic FVM meshing method (kmesh=2) using external tetrahedron mesh libraries

    • The tetrahedron meshing is performed in the Starter
    • These libraries are provided on the install packages
  • Automatic switch from Finite Volume Method to Uniform pressure

    • The switch is activated at a specified time, Tswitch
    • Or when only 1 finite volume remains
  • Improvement of the initial velocity for the internal node of the finite volume mesh
  • New option in the flag Iequi in order to reduce CPU cost

    • With Iequi=1, RADIOSS performs simplified FVM Simulation before TTF to provide gas dynamic equilibrium inside of the airbag each cycle.

Time Step Control

  • /DT/INTER/AMS: compatibility with /DT/NODA and /DT/NODA/CST
  • /DT/NODA/CST and /DT/INTER/CST: Enhancement of the constant nodal time step treatment

    • /DT/NODA/CST1 or /DT/INTER/CST1 = same as /DT/NODA/CST or /DT/INTER/CST (default)
    • /DT/NODA/CST2 or /DT/INTER/CST2 = improved formulation. The computation starts directly from the target time step and it remains most often constant during the computation. The total mass added in the model should be lower.

Contact Interface

  • /INTER/TYPE24: node to surface contact with edge treatment

    • Stability improvement in double and single precision
    • Behavior improvement with the Iedge and IdelDEL options.
  • /INTER/TYPE2: tied contact

    • If all the slave nodes are removed from the tied interface due to the project issues and the Ignore flag setting, the starter will delete the contact to avoid issue during the computation
    • Result improvement with the option /PARITH/ON.
    • Stability improvement with single precision and global time step (/DT/GTS).


MotionSolve 2017.2.3


  모션솔브는 하이퍼웍스 제품군에서 사용할 수 있는 최첨단 멀티 바디 솔버입니다. 모션솔브는 완벽한 모델링 요소들을 갖고 있고, 강력한 수치 해석 방법을 제공하고 있습니다. 모션솔브의 정확성과 속도는 고객 모델과 테스트 데이터를 통해 검증되었습니다. 모션솔브는 ADAMS/Solver 와 비교할 수 없는 호환성을 가지고 있습니다.


  모션솔브 2017.2.3 릴리즈에서는 2017.2.2 릴리즈에서 발견되었던 버그들을 수정하였고, 일부 기능을 강화시켰습니다.

Memory usage improvements for 3D contact
  The total amount of system memory used when simulating a model containing multiple 3D rigid body contacts has been optimized with this release. By re-using contact mesh data and preprocessing data within the solver, the memory footprint has been reduced substantially for models that contain a large number of contacts.
  In practice, the reduction in memory usage will depend on both the number of contacts in the model as well as the density and size of the meshes being used.


Retrieve joint friction results in any frame
  With this release, you can use the FRICTION function to specify a third argument – rm. This argument lets you specify a custom frame of reference for retrieving joint friction results.


2D curve-curve contact supports matrix definitions
  With the current release, you can use data defined within the Reference_Matrix element to define the curves used for 2D curve-curve contact.

HyperXtrude 2017.2.3


  HyperXtrude 는 금속 압출, 폴리머 압출, 금속 압연, 마찰 교반 용접, 빌렛 단조, 수지 이송 성형 공정을 위한 유한요소 솔버입니다. HyperXtrude 는 프로세스 각각에 대해 특수화된 기능들을 제공하며, 모델 데이터 설정을 위해 사용하기 쉬운 인터페이스를 지원하고 있습니다.


  HyperXtrude 2017.2.3 릴리즈에서는 2017.2.2 릴리즈에서 발견되었던 버그들을 수정하였고, 일부 기능을 강화시켰습니다.

HyperXtrude for Metal Extrusion
Resolved Issues

  • Solver was not printing the computer hardware information correctly in the OUT file. This is resolved.
  • Solver was not printing the CPU time statistics on Windows machines correctly. This issue is now resolved.

HyperXtrude for Resin Transfer Modeling
Enhancements to Automatic Time Step Computation
  RTM solver will automatically adjust the time step in each iteration to ensure a small percentage of the mold volume is filled (1%-3%). This improves the accuracy of the solution and at the same time reduces the computational time.


Permeability Tensor from Draping Computations
  Solver’s local coordinate system module is enhanced to determine permeability tensor at an integration point using the draping computations from HyperMesh. This enables to correctly map the permeability tensor from the lay-flat orientation to the orientation of the preform inside the mold.