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이번 ConnectMe 2017.2.1 업데이트에서는 향상된 기능 및 버그 수정 내용들이 포함되어 있습니다.

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Altair ConnectMe™ 2017.2.1 공식 업데이트의 상세한 내용은 아래와 같습니다.

  ConnectMe 2017.2.1

New Feature

  • - Providing access to Altair Partner Alliance (APA): Altair HyperWorks offers modern and open architecture CAE technologies, plus complementary technology from Altair Alliance partners to optimize the performance of your product. The access to these Altair Partner product showcases and their download links are made available at the ConnectMe More tab.
  • - Adding a Licensing tab to improve the usability of license setting: A Licensing tab is added in the Settings panel with following capabilities:
    * The user environment variable, ALTAIR_LICENSE_PATH, can be set or changed to a valid Altair license file as needed.
    * Altair License Utility tool is available in the Licensing tab.


  • - Adding help preference choice: Most HyperWorks products documentation are available in two ways, installed locally with software or viewed via online web help. It is set during the product installation time. In ConnectMe, an option is added to allow users to choose between local or web help if both help types are available for the products installed in the local machine.
  • - Adding ConnectMe video tour guide: A short ConnectMe tour guide is added in the Help page presenting the main capabilities available in ConnectMe.